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Jesus is the One worthy to open the scroll and He is the one able to fulfill the mission of God. We are invited into that mission, not because we are necessary, but because He deli...

Salvation belongs to the Lord, but as children being conformed to God's image, we grow in our desire to see the lost discover the truth...that Jesus is better. 

When Jesus calls humble fisherman to be His disciples, they leave everything without question as they were honored to be chosen for the Teachers purpose. His call for us today is n...

Jonah's heart is revealed in chapter 4, he loves the lord....but he loves something else more. 

Jonah preached a message of wrath to a people who were unquestionably deserving of it. Yet the same mercy that saved a rebellious prophet drowning in the sea, was more than suffici...

Jonah offered his life that the Pagan Sailors might live. Yet, he was not aware that his sacrifice was pointing toward a better sacrifice, one Whom would come and dwell among us. 

Boast in Christ alone Christian, nothing else will do. 

Biblical Community means helping one another to be more like Christ.

We seek the things of God, not by our own strength, but in accordance with the Spirit. Not in order to earn our salvation, but because of the salvation we have been granted. 

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