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We seek the things of God, not by our own strength, but in accordance with the Spirit. Not in order to earn our salvation, but because of the salvation we have been granted. 

The Man Jesus Christ put Death in His Grave.

We are children of Isaac and thus, sons of promise

Puny gods, even the church is not immune to their influence. We must turn our gaze constantly back to the Lord of our salvation. 

Our hope is revealed through our faith in the One whom has Redeemed us.

We are prone to lose our focus on the gospel, when this happens, we need our gaze redirected

Paul speaks as one made new, not as one of the world

The gospel is a treasured gift, a great privilege

The church was wrestling with the idea that the Gospel equaled Christ + _____. Paul begins his letter by reminding them that Jesus + Nothing = Everything. 

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